• Product
  • Features
  • The future of bicycle locks
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  • Smart Lock
    Open with app
  • RFID Unlock
    Open with supplied RFID hanger
  • Always Connected
    Permanent cloud connection
  • Theft Prevention
    100dB alarm with app notification
  • Crash detection
    Sends out automated notification
  • Bike Sharing
    Share your bike with friends
  • Long Battery Life
    Up to 4 months without charging
  • Track & Trace
    With built-in precision GPS
  • Bike Details
    Register all your bike details
  • Bike Maintenance
    Record your maintenance history
  • Strong Lock
    Lock with ART-certification
  • Configurable
    Change parameters.
  • Theft prevention
    A very sensitive motion sensor will trigger a 100dB tamper alert and send a tamper warning to your app. Sensitivity can be set from the app.
    Smart Lock
    Download the app and link your lock. You can now easily open and manage your lock with our intuitive app.
    RFID Unlock
    The Sentinel lock has a built in RFID reader and comes with 2 RFID key-hangers. So you can always unlock your bike even without a smartphone.
    Always Connected
    Sentinel has a permanent connection to the Sentinel Cloud Platform, allowing you to use all connected features at all times (e.g. battery status, tack trace etc.) A 3 year data plan is included.
    Crash detection
    The built in G-sensor will detect a crash and can call your emergency contact. If your emergency contact also has installed the app he/she will also receive a message with your exact location.
    Track & trace
    Sentinel has a built in precision GPS for accurate GLOBAL TRACKING. In case of tampering Sentinel will send you a tamper alert and track your bike.
    Long battery life
    Sentinel uses the latest efficient technologies to optimise battery life. You can easily charge the with the USB-C connector or use the (optional) solar panel.
    Bike sharing
    You can always open a bike remotely for a friend. Want to share an a more regular basis? Ask your family or friends to install the app and easily share your bike with them.
    Bike maintenance
    Keep track of your bikes maintenance history with the Sentinel app. Easily enter date and time of each maintenance, enter specifics or even take a scan of the invoice.
    Bike details
    The Sentinel app allows you to enter all your specific bike details and even add pictures.
    The app will allow you to customise the settings so you can activate/de-activate functions or change parameters.
    Strong Lock
    Lock with ART-certification
    Solid as a lock
    Coming soon to Indiegogo
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